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Almost Seven

On this day, six years ago, players all over the world began a grand adventure. Since then, over 167 million Guardians have joined our ranks and championed the Light for over 8.6 billion hours.
During that time, this community has answered the call time and time again, raising over $8.5 million for Little Lights and worthy causes all over the world. So, when it comes to defending humanity, whether you’re in the 31% that smash, the 31% that love space magic, or the 38% that make cloaks look good, we’re humbled that you have chosen to make the Tower your home.
And now, as we stand at the precipice of a new era, ready to step beyond the Light, we should at least have some cake first. So, let’s light the candles and celebrate with the friends we’ve made in this truly incredible community. From the Farm to the Moon, it’s been a wild ride and we’re incredibly proud to have you at our sides for all of it. Here’s to the future – happy birthday, Destiny.
Keep reading for a few birthday surprises to help you join the celebration as well as a couple of updates on new ways to play our favorite game.

Destiny Birthday Cake

Infinite cake technology still eludes us, but Victoria Rosenthal is getting closer! Not one to slow down after knocking it out of the park with the official Destiny cookbook, she’s here to share her “Infinite Forest” Chocolate Cake with all of us. Find all the instructions you’ll need to transmat yours below.
Image Linkimgur
Difficulty: Hard
Prep Time: 24 hours
Cook Time: 2 hours
Servings: 1 cake
Dietary Notes: Dairy
Cherry Filling Ingredients:
¾ pound cherries (fresh or frozen), pitted and cut in half
2 tbsp water
3 tbsp honey
¼ cup sugar
Image Linkimgur

The night before, combine cherries, water, honey, and sugar in a saucepan. Bring to a boil and reduce to a simmer for 30 minutes (if using frozen cherries, simmer for about 45 minutes). Cook until the liquid has reduced by ¼. Place the mixture in a bowl, cover, and allow to rest in the refrigerator overnight.
Cake Ingredients:
¾ cup cocoa powder
⅓ cup cherry fruit spread
¾ cup hot water
2 cups all-purpose flour
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
1 cup unsalted butter, room temperature
1 ½ cups sugar
2 eggs, room temperature
1 tbsp vanilla extract
¾ cup sour cream
Image Linkimgur
Preheat oven to 350°F. Whisk together cocoa powder, cherry fruit spread, and hot water in a small bowl. In another bowl, combine the flour, baking soda, baking powder, and salt.
Image Linkimgur
Cream the butter and sugar in a large bowl until smooth. Add the eggs one at a time. Mix in vanilla extract. Add the cocoa powder mixture.
Image Linkimgur
Mix in half of the flour until it just comes together. Mix in the sour cream. Add the remainder of the flour and mix until fully combined.
Image Linkimgur
Spray two 9-inch baking pans with nonstick spray. Split the batter between the two pans and place in the oven to bake for 25 to 30 minutes or until done. Remove the cakes from the baking pans and allow to cool completely.
Frosting Ingredients:
1 ½ cups butter, room temperature
16 oz cream cheese, room temperature
½ tbsp vanilla extract
¼ cup maraschino cherry liqueur
4 cups confectioners’ sugar
Image Linkimgur
Place the cream cheese and butter in a large bowl and mix together. Add the vanilla extract and maraschino cherry liqueur. Once mixed together, begin to slowly add the confectioners’ sugar. Whisk until the frosting thickens.
Additional Ingredients:
Fresh cherries to top, optional
Image Linkimgur
To assemble the cake, make sure both cake layers are level. Place the bottom layer on a plate and top with a portion of the frosting. Add the cherry filling in the center, spreading it close to the edge but not completely. Cover the filling with additional frosting. Top with the other layer of cake. Top with the remaining frosting. Decorate with fresh cherries on top.
Image Linkimgur
Image Linkimgur

HD Wallpaper

A new poster inspired by some of Destiny’s most beloved characters went live on the Bungie Store today (US/EU), but if you can’t wait for shipping to get it to you, here’s a glorious digital HD preview.
Image Linkimgur

New Collectibles

Alongside the poster mentioned above, there’s also a new birthday mug, t-shirt, and if your sweet tooth isn’t sated by the cake you just baked, check out the new Destiny cookie cutter set.

Xbox Game Pass

Starting on September 22, both Forsaken and Shadowkeep are coming to Xbox Game Pass! That makes this the perfect time to binge the story before it’s time to get your passport stamped and head off to Europa.

Beyond Light Stasis Deep Dives

Last week, we began unveiling details around the three new Stasis subclasses in Beyond Light. Starting with the Warlock Shadebinder, we followed that up with the Titan Behemoth. The final deep dive focusing on the Hunter Revenant went live yesterday. They're a fantastic read if we do say so ourselves and (much like a fireteam) function as three pieces of a whole. So, in case you missed any, you can find them here:
Warlock Shadebinder
Image Linkimgur
Titan Behemoth
Image Linkimgur
Hunter Revenant
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Now let’s blow out these candles, get our coats, and dance with the Darkness.
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Almost Seven

On this day, six years ago, players all over the world began a grand adventure. Since then, over 167 million Guardians have joined our ranks and championed the Light for over 8.6 billion hours.
During that time, this community has answered the call time and time again, raising over $8.5 million for Little Lights and worthy causes all over the world. So, when it comes to defending humanity, whether you’re in the 31% that smash, the 31% that love space magic, or the 38% that make cloaks look good, we’re humbled that you have chosen to make the Tower your home.
And now, as we stand at the precipice of a new era, ready to step beyond the Light, we should at least have some cake first. So, let’s light the candles and celebrate with the friends we’ve made in this truly incredible community. From the Farm to the Moon, it’s been a wild ride and we’re incredibly proud to have you at our sides for all of it. Here’s to the future – happy birthday, Destiny.
Keep reading for a few birthday surprises to help you join the celebration as well as a couple of updates on new ways to play our favorite game.

Destiny Birthday Cake

Infinite cake technology still eludes us, but Victoria Rosenthal is getting closer! Not one to slow down after knocking it out of the park with the official Destiny cookbook, she’s here to share her “Infinite Forest” Chocolate Cake with all of us. Find all the instructions you’ll need to transmat yours below.
Image Linkimgur
Difficulty: Hard
Prep Time: 24 hours
Cook Time: 2 hours
Servings: 1 cake
Dietary Notes: Dairy
Cherry Filling Ingredients:
¾ pound cherries (fresh or frozen), pitted and cut in half
2 tbsp water
3 tbsp honey
¼ cup sugar
Image Linkimgur

The night before, combine cherries, water, honey, and sugar in a saucepan. Bring to a boil and reduce to a simmer for 30 minutes (if using frozen cherries, simmer for about 45 minutes). Cook until the liquid has reduced by ¼. Place the mixture in a bowl, cover, and allow to rest in the refrigerator overnight.
Cake Ingredients:
¾ cup cocoa powder
⅓ cup cherry fruit spread
¾ cup hot water
2 cups all-purpose flour
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
1 cup unsalted butter, room temperature
1 ½ cups sugar
2 eggs, room temperature
1 tbsp vanilla extract
¾ cup sour cream
Image Linkimgur
Preheat oven to 350°F. Whisk together cocoa powder, cherry fruit spread, and hot water in a small bowl. In another bowl, combine the flour, baking soda, baking powder, and salt.
Image Linkimgur
Cream the butter and sugar in a large bowl until smooth. Add the eggs one at a time. Mix in vanilla extract. Add the cocoa powder mixture.
Image Linkimgur
Mix in half of the flour until it just comes together. Mix in the sour cream. Add the remainder of the flour and mix until fully combined.
Image Linkimgur
Spray two 9-inch baking pans with nonstick spray. Split the batter between the two pans and place in the oven to bake for 25 to 30 minutes or until done. Remove the cakes from the baking pans and allow to cool completely.
Frosting Ingredients:
1 ½ cups butter, room temperature
16 oz cream cheese, room temperature
½ tbsp vanilla extract
¼ cup maraschino cherry liqueur
4 cups confectioners’ sugar
Image Linkimgur
Place the cream cheese and butter in a large bowl and mix together. Add the vanilla extract and maraschino cherry liqueur. Once mixed together, begin to slowly add the confectioners’ sugar. Whisk until the frosting thickens.
Additional Ingredients:
Fresh cherries to top, optional
Image Linkimgur
To assemble the cake, make sure both cake layers are level. Place the bottom layer on a plate and top with a portion of the frosting. Add the cherry filling in the center, spreading it close to the edge but not completely. Cover the filling with additional frosting. Top with the other layer of cake. Top with the remaining frosting. Decorate with fresh cherries on top.
Image Linkimgur
Image Linkimgur

HD Wallpaper

A new poster inspired by some of Destiny’s most beloved characters went live on the Bungie Store today (US/EU), but if you can’t wait for shipping to get it to you, here’s a glorious digital HD preview.
Image Linkimgur

New Collectibles

Alongside the poster mentioned above, there’s also a new birthday mug, t-shirt, and if your sweet tooth isn’t sated by the cake you just baked, check out the new Destiny cookie cutter set.

Xbox Game Pass

Starting on September 22, both Forsaken and Shadowkeep are coming to Xbox Game Pass! That makes this the perfect time to binge the story before it’s time to get your passport stamped and head off to Europa.

Beyond Light Stasis Deep Dives

Last week, we began unveiling details around the three new Stasis subclasses in Beyond Light. Starting with the Warlock Shadebinder, we followed that up with the Titan Behemoth. The final deep dive focusing on the Hunter Revenant went live yesterday. They're a fantastic read if we do say so ourselves and (much like a fireteam) function as three pieces of a whole. So, in case you missed any, you can find them here:
Warlock Shadebinder
Image Linkimgur
Titan Behemoth
Image Linkimgur
Hunter Revenant
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Now let’s blow out these candles, get our coats, and dance with the Darkness.
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How good can Siakam really be?

Tonight was a great night but after watching the game and reading the box score, something felt off. Siakam in particular did not look like he put up the stat line he did, however I have to give credit where credit is due, he played amazing.
What scares me most about Siakam is that he’ll end up just like Demar and in reality that sounds great but Demar thrives when he is the first option and when they ran through a system offense. Siakam did great in transition tonight but he struggles to find his own shot. We were told that he had been working on a mid-range but he’s yet to pull it out and he hasn’t been a very skilled ball handler as well.
I love Siakam and he’s my wallpaper for everything, but this night shouldn’t mean much for us. We need to see more of what Spicy P can do and that’s not to say he can’t do it, just that he needs to do more to be more. I think a big factor in his future will be his ability to create his own shot, especially in the clutch. Lowry and Vanvleet hit big ones today but Vanvleet isn’t necessarily a great shooter off the dribble and Lowry is just inconsistent in general. Siakam needs to be what Giannis isn’t, a guy who can literally play Point Guard with his ball handling and passing iq. If he can attain those skills during the season, his potential is endless.
P.S. sorry to burst your bubble after the win. Still a great night I just really love this guy Siakam and want the best for him
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SMOK Morph 219 Kit review

Hello fellow vapers!

This product was send to me by SMOK for the purpose of this review, this won't affect my opinion and i will give a fair review.

First things first

The Morph 219 kit is the newest kit from SMOK, the mod looks a lot like the Alien mod from SMOK they made a while ago. They made a new tank which is called the TF Tank, so not a new tank in the TFV series. The kit comes with 2 mesh coils, so that's nice.
The Morph 219 has a 1.9' touchscreen with input keyboard, uses a new chip, the IQ-S Chip, what shortens the fire time to 0.001s. It has a nice big and clicky fire button on the side and a lock/unlock button above it.
The kit is available in 5 different colors, Black/Red, Rainbow, Gold/Black, Prism Blue/Black and Prism Chrome/Black.
There are of course some safety features inside, 10 Seconds Cut-Off, Reverse Polarity Protection, Over-Heat Protection and Low Battery Protection.

Morph 219 Specifications

TF Tank Specifications

What's in the box?


How to operate?

At first i thought this mod had too many options to go through to keep it simple, but it's actually really simple and it's very easy to go through all the options.
First of all, to turn the device on/off you need to do the usual 5 clicks on the fire button. When pressing the fire button 4 times, you'll lock/unlock the fire button. Above the fire button is a small button, this button is for turning the screen on or off by pressing the button and to lock/unlock the touchscreen by holding the button for a sec. The device also locks the touchscreen by itself when vaping.
In the top left corner of the touchscreen is the menu button, when the menu opens. you'll first see the option Mode, here you can change the settings for VW and TC, like changing the pre-heat and wattage in VW and your tcr and wattage in TC.
The second one is My Mode, this is kinda gimmicky imo, here you can put in the name of your current flavor and the preferred settings for that specific flavor, you can put in the wattage, the pre-heat, the name of the flavor you'll be using with this setting and the nic strength..
The third one is your puff counter, here you can reset your puff counter.

The fourth one is Settings, this is a menu of it's own, with different things to adjust.
The first thing you'll see are the General settings, here you can see information about the mod like the name and the version of the firmware, do a factory reset, turn power auto-lock on or off and turn the device off.
The second one is Chip, here you can read all the information about the IQ-S Chip that's inside.
The thirds one is Theme, here you can change your wallpaper and screen color, you can also adjust the screen timeout.
The last one is Password, this is where you can make a password. So when you want to use the mod after that, you'll need to put in your password first. This way no one can use it without asking.

How does it vape?

I had a very nice vape experience with this kit. The mod itself works really nice, i really like the fire button, it's nice and clicky and is comfortable to click it when holding the mod in your hand. The chip does what it should do and it fires really really quick.
VW works good, never had a problem with it and it puts out the power i dialed in. I can't speak about TC, since i only vape in wattage mode.
It's nice that you can customize the screen with backgrounds and the screen color. There aren't that many options, but the options they put in are nice imo. The extra features like the My Mode are something i won't use, just because i want to adjust my wattage when i want to and don't want to switch to different My Modes.
The resin on the back side of the mod is the same resin we've seen on the MICO and Nord etc, i'm not sure if this is real resin or just a sticker with a resin style.
They say the mod supports balanced charging, but you shouldn't do that, ALWAYS use an external charger. The USB port is only for firmware upgrades imo.

The TF Tank is a really decent tank with good coils, probably the best SMOK tank coils i've used. They give good flavor, what you would expect with mesh coils. Nothing too crazy, just good flavor, it's not something new and mesh coils should give this amount of flavor imo. Coil life is also pretty good, i went through around 120ml of juice and about 80/90ml of sweet juice like Jam Monster and Lemon Twist. The BF-Mesh coil is rated for vaping between 30W and 80W and vaping the coil on 75W gave me the best vape.
The coils are press-fitted in, this makes changing coils really simple, even with juice still inside the tank, you can just change your coils by simply pulling your old coil out and pushing your new coil in.
The top fill is nice, we've seen this kind of mechanism before from SMOK tanks. The protective silicone cover for the bubble glass is nice but it's really hard to get it around the glass. We've seen this kind of protective silicones before from companies like Vaporesso. When using the protective silicone, the tank is as good as indestructible.
It uses a removable 510 drip tip, i would still like to see every tank coming with a 810 drip tip and a 510 drip tip adapter, so every one can choose their preferred drip tip.

Overall i was very pleased with this kit and therefor recommend it to anyone who's looking for a good performing and good looking new setup.




I see this kit available for around $70

Thank you guys for reading!

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RV Furniture List

Here is an imgur album of all the customization options* courtesy of user Pandapples on the Bell Tree Forums!

*Item name English translations in order of appearance (9eggs)
This is a list of all the known items available in the different RVs, as well as Harvey's shop. CTRL+F to quickly find the characteitem you're after.
Click the names for screenshots of the RV interiors.
If you have any other questions regarding the update, please check out this FAQ.
Italics New item
NPC#X Info/Pic contributor
(??) RV not confirmed

Animal Crossing Amiibos:

Blathers Celeste Cyrus Digby Isabelle(W)/Isabelle(S)#26
library wall lunar horizon cabin wall modern wall Green Wall
gallery floor observatory Floor oil-stained floor herringbone floor modern Wood Flooring
basic teacher's desk Cancer table breaker basic trash can Alpine Bed
file cabinet (L) Celeste ribbon carpentry set blueprints Alpine Low Table
heavy tome gadget shelf* light breakfast brown seat Alpine Panel
museum clock New Nintendo 3DS natural chair console table Basket Chair
museum mat star globe natural low table document stack Isabelle Scooter
New Nintendo 3ds star projector New Nintendo 3DS HHA raincoat Natural Lamp
stack of books telescope rolling cart New Nintendo 3DS New 3DS - Isabelle
Wii U console Wii U console (white) tool cart stripe bed PA System
zen chair tool stand Wii U console (white) Town-hall Winter top / spring top
Wii U console Wii U Console
KK Slider Kapp'n Kicks#23 Lottie Mabel
white brick wall cabana wall stone wall polka-dot wall Ranch Wall
modern wood flooring cabana flooring terra-cotta floor pink wood floor Block flooring
brown seat banana flower basket cardboard box drafting table Counter table
DJ KK booth blue aloha tee counter seat HHA women's jacket New 3DS - Mabel
guitar case daimyo's tray counter table jacquard fleece New 3DS - Sabel
K.K. Cruisin' driver's hat glass screen Lotties bun Quiltet Tapestry
K.K. Jazz durian flower basket Kicks mat lovely love seat Ranch bed
K.K. Song floor seat lunch pack makeup case Ranch Tea Table
metal-rim table futon mattress New Nintendo 3DS minimalist minitable Sewing Kit
New 3DS - K.K. model bus pitcher plant New 3DS XL - HHD Slipper Rack
Pondering model sailor shoe boxes pastel low table Wii U Console
Wii U console (white) New Nintendo 3DS shoe-polishing set perfume bottles Yarn Basket
red aloha tee succulent plant red warm-up suit
sushi platter toolbox Wii U console
Wii U console (white) Wii U console (white)
wood-plank table
Reese Resetti Rover Timmy/Tommy#10 Tom Nook#8, #22
parlor wall old wallpaper Train-window wall plaster wall office wall
pink wood floor old flooring school-hall floor monochrome floor terra-cotta floor
antique shelf accordion screen Boston bag bunk bed golf bag
hearty breakfast bathroom stall hanging strap cart return New Nintendo 3DS
mermaid chair box with helmet laptop clerk's shirt Nook's Homes Car
mermaid vanity large tea table metal-rim table money box Nook's Hones Mat
natural bench New Nintendo 3DS New Nintendo 3ds New 3DS - T&T raccoon wall clock
natural low table overflowing trash rolling suitcase retro sign Sack of Money
New Nintendo 3DS half-eaten pizza Rover suitcase retro sink sales graph
refrigerator Resetti model strapped books shop mat Wii U console
Re-Tail clock wall fan train seat simple panel
Re-tail mat wall-mounted TV Wii U console Wii U console
stove Wii U console zen low table
Wii U console

Non-Animal Crossing Amiibos:

Cece#11 Felyne Ganon#6 Viche#11 Epona#10
Inkopolis wall Magma Cavern Wall Hyrule wall Inkopolis wall Hyrule Wall
Inkopolis floor Lava Floor Zelda floor Inkopolis floor Zelda Floor
Callie fashion top Barbeque Spit bomb Inkopolis chair Epona Outfit
Callie pants Felyne Guardians Ganon outfit Inkoplolis Sign Gossip Stone
Callie shirt Felyne Outfit Ganondorf outfit Inkopolis table Link Hat
Callie shoes hunter Ganondorf pants left Splatfest sign Link Outfit
Callie tights hunter's cart Ganondorf wig Marie dress Lon Lon Milk
Callie wig hunter's hive Hyrulean treasure Marie shirt New Hero Wig
Inkopolis chair item box Link hat Marie shoes New Hero's Outfit
Inkopolis sign Nabiru mask Link outfit Marie tights Piece of Heart
Inkopolis table Nabiru ornament new hero wig Marie wig Shiek Mask
left Splatfest sign Otomon egg new hero's outfit right Splatfest sign Sheik outfit
right Splatfest sign Palico board Rupee Shiek Pants
Poogie Termina's Moon
Red Wing
Wyvern eggs
Inkwell#22 Medli #6 Villager (Wisp) Wolf Link#6
ink-splattered wall Hyrule Wall Lunar horizon Hyrule Wall
ink-splattered floor Zelda Floor Galaxy floor Zelda floor
black anchor tee Cucco ornament GameCube drawer Heart
pilot googles fairy bottle NDS Lite bench Heart container
Splatoon spawn point Heart Nintendo bench Hylian shield
Splatoon tower Hero of Time scroll Nintendo DSi bench Hyrulean treasure
Splattershot Link hat Villager statue Link Hat
squid bumper Link outfit Wii Remote cabinet New hero wig
studio headphones Medli outfit Wii U console (white) New hero's outfit
Super Sea Snail new hero wig Princess Zelda dress
Takoroka mesh new hero's outfit Wolf link outfit
Piece of Heart Zelda wig

Other NPCs

Blanca Booker#10 Chip#12 Copper#6 Crazy Redd(??)
White Brick Wall Meadow vista sea view music-room wall
Yellow Flooring Dirt floor ship deck parquet floor
Crayons Camp stove blowfish sashimi billboard
Makeup Case Campfire cookware fish on a board cardboard box
Cabana Armchair Picnic table fish on a board (C) common bed
Cabana Bed Plastic canister freezer freezer
Cabana Lamp Propane stove kitchen counter kettle
Cabana Table Sleeping bag ringside table plastic canister
Jester Shirt Smoker sushi container rolling closet
Cat Tower sushi platter sink
Daisy Tee sushi tray ventilation fan
Don Resetti(??) Dr. Shrunk(??) Franklin#13 Gracie(??) Gulliver#14
Harvest wall tropical vista
harvest rug sandy-beach floor
chef's outfit ball
harvest chair beach table
harvest clock life ring
harvest wall lamp volleyball net
kitchen island wave breaker
kitchen refrigerator
potato gratin
weeping fig
Harriet(??) Jack#22 Jingle Joan#7 Katie(??)
Spooky wall party wall shoji screen
spooky carpet white wood floor tatami
candy machine alpine low table daimyo's tray
green-pumpkin head gift pile floor seat
jack-in-the-box gift pile (C) hearth
patched dress poinsettia lucky cat
patched shirt Santa coat paper wall lamp
pumpkin pie snow globe tokonoma
purple-pumpkin head tree-stump chair zen tea set
red-pumpkin head Yule log zodiac boar
spooky wall lamp
tea table
wood display stand
yellow-pumpkin head
Leif(??) Luna(??) Nat Pascal#13 Pavé
Sparrow's Nest Sea View Pavé wall
Jungle Wall Ship Deck Pavé floor
Jungle Floor Beach Chair Berliner
Autumn-leaf Chair Large Bookshelf Festivale accessory
Leaf Bed Lily-pad table Festivale pants
Pile of Leaves Pondering (M. Box) Festivale tank
Potted Ivy Sea Globe Festivale tank dress
Sprout Table Stack of Books Pavé chest
Tree Standee Treasure Chest Pavé clock
Pavé end table
Pavé lamp
Pavé sofa
Phineas(??) Saharah#7 Wendell#7 Zipper T. Bunny#10
tent wall concrete wall Donburi
tent rug paintball floor Imperial pot
Aquarius urn crayons Omelet
cabin low table pasta egg wall
genie's lamp retro fridge egg floor
loom (C) rice balls bunny hood
loom (C) roasted dino meat egg chair
round mini cactus scattered papers egg table
tile screen sloppy sink hot plate
sloppy table
Wendell's Painting


Chelsea#19 Chai#16 Etoile#19
My Melody bed Cinnamoroll Wall Kiki and Lala bed
My Melody chair Cinnamoroll Floor Kiki and Lala clock
My Melody clock Cinnamoroll Hat Kiki and Lala sofa
My Melody dresser Cinnamoroll Jacket Kiki and Lala table
My Melody table Cinnamoroll Outfit cloud-making machine
My Melody wall Cinnamoroll Parasol Kiki and Lala wand
My Melody floor Cinnamoroll Shoes Kiki and Lala dress
My Melody dress Cinnamoroll Sign Kiki and Lala outfit
My Melody hat Cinnamoroll Sofa Kiki and Lala pin
My Melody outfit Cinnamoroll Stool Kiki and Lala shoes
My Melody shoes Cinnamoroll Table Kiki and Lala socks
Cinnamoroll Tray Kiki and Lala wall
Kiki and Lala floor
Marty#16 Rilla#16 Toby#16
Pompompurin dress Hello Kitty wall Kerokerokeroppi cake
Pompompurin hat Hello Kitty floor Kerokerokeroppi doll
Pompompurin outfit Hello Kitty bed Kerokerokeroppi tray
Pompompurin shoes Hello Kitty chair stone lantern
Pompompurin bed Hello Kitty clock tranquil bridge
Pompompurin chair Hello Kitty drawers shoji bench
Pompompurin rack Hello Kitty dress Kerokerokeroppi wall
Pompompurin table Hello Kitty hat gray patterned floor
Pompompurin pudding Hello Kitty outfit Kerokerokeroppi pins
Pompompurin TV Hello Kitty planter Kerokerokeroppi top
Pompompurin wall Hello Kitty shoes green gingham shorts
Pompompurin floor Hello Kitty table green loafers
red striped socks
suspenders shirt

Welcome Amiibo

#01-Vivian#20 #02 - Hopkins#18 #03 - June#20 #04 - Piper#16, #20 #05 - Paolo#20
White Brick Wall kiddie wall Waiting Room Wall Cityscape Wall White Tile Wall
Parquet Floor yellow flooring White Wood Floor Panel Carpet Floor White Tile Floor
Alpine Bed Disk Writer Cash Tray Classic Bed Bath Mat
Basic Trash Can giant Game Boy Fancy Display Stand Console Table Bath Set
Desk Mirror milk carton Medicine Cabinet Fish and Chips Bathtub
Handbag New Nintendo 3DS XL Public Telephone Minifridge Glass Partition
Hanging Chair pastel low table Reception Counter Reception Chair Modern Wash Station
Natural Lamp round cushion Reception Window Round-Cloth Table Standing Sink
Natural Low Table standing TV Umbrella Stand Silver Teapot Towel Basket
Round Cushion Wii U console Waiting-Room Bench Single Rose Wooden Duckboards
#06 - Hornsby#20 #07 - Stella#18 #08 - Tybalt#20 #09 -Huck#20 #10 - Sylvana#10
Dirt-Clod Wall rose wall Cabana Wall Waiting-Room Wall Blue Wall
Old Board Floor herringbone floor Terra-Cotta Floor Square Minitable Wooden-Deck Floor
Basic Trash Can basket chair Air Pump Burger Meal Cafeteria Table
Futon Mattress bowl sink Ball Busing Station Counter table
Minifridge classic screen Baseball Set Drink Machine Sample Case
Ramen Cup natural low table Casual Display Stand Meeting-Room Chair Set Lunch
Record Box round pillow Green Net Outdoor Sign Udon Soup
Stacked Magazines sewing machine Kick Scooter Snack Machine Water Pot
Strapped Books stack of clothes Tennis Racket Zen Chair
Trash Bags yarn basket Unicycle Donburi
Zen Desk
#11 - Boris#19 #12 - Wade#18 #13 - Carrie#20, #18 #14 - Ketchup#23 #15 - Rex
hallway wall round pillow Playroom Wall Ivy wall Summit Wall
lobby floor tteok plate Pink Wood Floor Backyard Lawn Daisy Meadow
cup of tea wooden bear Cradle Brick Oven backpack
floor light zen low table Crayons Cutting-Board Set Boston bag
metal-rim table zen screen Kiddie Meal Firewood box-shaped seat
popcorn modern screen Pastel Low Table Glass Teapot cable spool
sleek table tatami floor Ringtoss Metal-and-Wood Chair compact car
speaker daimyo's tray Round Cushion Metal-and-Wood Table lunch box
standing tv floor seat Slipper Pack Whole Pizza mug (C)
theater seat futon mattress Toy Piano worktable picnic basket
kaiseki meal wood display stand
#16 - Stu#24 #17 - Ursala#18 #18 - Jakey#16, #20 #19 - Maddie#20 #20 - Billy#20
chain-link fence wood paneling Old Wallpaper Meadow Vista Regal Wall
pavement floor ranch flooring Ramshackle Floor Wildflower Floor Parquet Floor
Boston bag basic display stand Cardboard Bed Cruiser Bike Black Phone
cardboard box Casablanca lilies Cardboard Table Garden Chair Candelabra
coin locker cash tray Garbage Bin Garden Faucet Cool Globe
cruiser bike flower display case Milk Carton Garden Gnome Daimyo's Tray
do-not-enter sign hibiscus Ramen Cup Garden Lantern Lucky Doll
garbage bin plant partition Round Pillow Garden Table Retro Screen
kick scooter red cash register Scattered Papers Lunch Pack Zen Low Table
scooter wood-plank table Stack of Books Picnic Basket Zen Phone Stand
Stacked Magazines Swinging Bench
Trash Bags
#21 - Boyd#20 #22 - Bitty#20 #23 - Maggie#20 #24 - Murphy#20 #25 - Plucky
Blue Tarp Mosaic Wall Backyard Fence Lab Wall Tropical Vista
Closed Road Lobby Floor Flagstone Floor Stone-Tile Floor Sandy-Beach Floor
Bus-Stop Stand Changing Room Barrel Planter Air Purifier Beach Chair
Detour Arrow Fancy Display Case Flower Bed Conveyor Belt Coconut Juice
Forklift Fancy Display Stand Garden Tools File Cabinet (M) Life Ring
Garbage Bin Hanger Rack Greenhouse Box Laboratory Capsule Metal-and-Wood Table
Manhole Cover Jewelry Case Handwashing Area Office Phone Palm-Tree Lamp
Metal Can Perfume Bottles Hose Reel Rolling Cart Sand Castle
Oil Barrel Ring Tin Watering Can Scattered Papers Shower
Plastic Canister Wooden Counter Wooden Bucket Video Camera Surfboard
Pylon Set Towel Basket
Wet-Road Sign Watermelon
#26 - Sandy#20 #27 - Claude#20 #28 - Raddle#16, #24 #29 - Julia#20 #30 - Louie18
Modern Wood Wall Stone Wall Modern Wall Rococo Wall basic wall
Neutral Floor Monochrome Floor School-hall floor Herringbone Floor natural wood floor
Afternoon-Tea Set Board Game Doctor's Desk candelabra balance beam
Cacao Tree Cup of Tea EKG Machine desk bell barbell
Cupcake Donut Box Exam Table reception chair changing room
Fancy Tea Set Elegant Bench First-aid Kit round-cloth table exercise ball
Menu Chalkboard Elegant Chair Modern Office Chair sausage locker stack
Natural Bench Glass Teapot Office Cabinet steamed lobster massage recliner
Natural Chair Natural Lamp Operating-room Cart table with cloth wooden duckboards
Natural Low Table Natural Table Stretcher warming buffet
Serving Cart
#31 - Bea#20 #32 - Admiral#20 #33 - Ellie#18 #34 - Boots#20 #35 - Weber#20
Green Wall Shanty Wall café-curtain wall Bamboo-Grove Wall Music-Room Wall
Natural Wood Floor Steel Flooring terra-cotta floor Dirt Floor Fancy Tile Floor
Bread Basket Dinnerware bread basket Bamboo Bench Alto Saxophone
Bread Box Imperial Pot counter table Garden Rock Basic Display Stand
Bread-Making Set Kitchen Counter espresso machine Rice Bales Organ
Counter Table Kitchen Dishwasher fruit drink Tall Garden Rock Record Box
Dessert Case Kitchen Refridgerator iron garden chair Trellis Snare Drum
Menu Chalkboard Kitchen Stove iron garden table Veggie Basket Toy Piano
Shopping Bag Metal Box serving cart Wheat Bundle Trumpet
Soda Case Ramen silver teapot Zen Barrel Xylophone
Tong-and-Tray Stand
Wooden Counter
#36 - Candi#20 #37 - Leopold#20 #38 - Spike#20 #39 - Cashmere#20 #40 - Tad#23
Neutral Wall Classroom Wall Concrete Wall Kitchen Wall Rice-Paddy Wall
Kitschy Tile Classroom Floor Terrace Rug Block Flooring Field Floor
Basic Display Stand Basic Teacher's Desk Brown Seat Curry Plate Bamboo Fence
Cans Book Stands Desktop TV Cutting-Board Set Box-Shaped Seat
Cypress Plant Lecture-Hall Bench Hanger Rack Glass Screen Cable Spool
Merchandise Table Lecture-Hall Desk Mountain Bike Kitchen Counter Cornstalks
Modern Cash Register School Locker Simple Panel Kitchen Stove Rice Balls
Shopping Bag Strapped Books Skateboard Rack Paella Tractor
Shopping Cart Towel Rack Square Minitable Rolling Closet Zen Barrel
Stacked Magazines Zen Backpack Succulent Plant Standing Sink Zen Tea Set
Store Shelf
#41 - Norma#20 #42 - Gonzo#16 #43 - Sprocket#20 #44 - Snooty#25 #45- Olive#18
White Brick Wall hallway wall Stadium Wall tearoom wall tree-lined wall
Basement Floor fancy tile floor Backyard Lawn tatami floor arched brick floor
Cheese Bellpoint/ABD Big Amp decorative plate shaved ice
Kitchen Refrigerator chain divider Double-Neck Guitar ikebana display tart
Milk Can glass partition Electric Bass lovely doll bistro table
Milk Canister jail bars Floor Light moss ball cypress plant
Milk Carton meeting-room table Floor Monitor wood-plank table garden chair
Mug money box Silver Mic zen cupboard garden table
Wood Display Stand pile of cash Sound Mixer zen cushion ice-cream display
Worktable safe Synthesizer zen desk kitchen counter
zen tea set
#46 - Dobie#20 #47 - Buzz#20 #48 - Cleo#20 #49 - Ike#20 #50 - Tasha#16
Library Wall Chain-Link Fence Office Wall Steel-Frame Wall floral wall
Oil-Stained Floor Dirt Floor Panel Carpet Floor Pavement Floor modern wood flooring
Book Stands Cutting-Board Set Document Stack Metal Can basket chair
Console Table Drink Machine File Cabinet (L) Plastic Canister beauty-salon cart
Document Stack Money Box Laptop Sports Car fruit drink
Editor’s Chair Propane Tanks Meeting-Room Table Tire Stack ivy partition
Editor’s Desk Teppanyaki Grill Modern Office Chair Tool Cart metal-and-wood table
Large Bookshelf Trash Bags Office Phone Tool Shelf rolling closet
Plastic File Box Wood Display Stand Rolling Cart Tool Box salon chair
Scattered Papers Worktable Rolling File Cart salon mirror stand
Stack of Books White Office Desk small magazine rack


Filly#12 Holden
Convenient wall Fueki chair
Convenient floor Fueki drawers
doughnut cushion Fueki floor
7-11 wall clock Fueki pot
ehomaki bench Fueki stereo
7-11 flag Fueki table
hot snack case Fueki wall
24-Hour-Shop ice-cream case high-spirits hat
24-Hour-Shop shopping basket high-spirits pants
24-Hour-Shop coffee machine high-spirits shirt
24-Hour-Shop sign
24-hour-shop model
24-hour-shop counter
buffet server
steamed-bun case
24-hour-shop Uniform
Soft-drink display
Barbecue bed
Sandwich display

Harvey Items

All items listed below are new
air pump baseball set cable spool Desktop mic excersize ball Flower Wreath
autograph cards barrel planter cans do-not-enter sign flower bed
air purifier basic display stand counter seat decoy duck Flower display case
basic trash can casual display stand Disk Writer fancy display stand
box-shaped seat coconut juice firewood
brick oven cornstalks fish on a board
bamboo fence
bathroom shelf
garden table handwashing area Imperial chair Kick Scooter large tea table
Garden chair hose reel iron garden table kiddie meal lectern with mic
greenhouse box
Garbage Bin
garden rock
green net
garden lantern
garden faucet
moss ball office clock pitcher plant Ringtoss
Money Box operating table propane tanks Round electric sign
Modern Hospital Bed outdoor sign platform Retro Sink
Metal can ramen cup
metal-and-wood chair Rice balls
menu chalkboard rice bales
metal flagpole roasted dino meat
milk canister
metal-and-wood table
Silver teapot Toolbox unicycle Wooden Counter
Shopping bag Trash Bags Watermelon
Sparrow's Nest Tin Watering Can Wood display stand
succulent plant Towel rack Wooden duckboards
show locker tennis racket water pot
swinging bench Tire stack whole pizza
sushi container tall garden rock wooden bear
shoe locker teppanyaki grill wooden bucket
store shelf wood-plank table
sushi menu worktable
zen barrel


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Developer Stream #57- "The word of the day : Begrutten" - Summary

Stream Notes for the Dead by Daylight Developer Stream #57 "The word of the day : Begrutten"
Link to the stream on twitch
All information taken from the stream is adjusted slightly from the stream to be easier to read.
If one person said an entire (set) of paragraphs, I'll label who said it. If they were switching off a lot between them, then I won't label who said what in it.
If there are any formatting issues, please let me know.

On the Show Today

Stefan Horvath - Game Designer
Matieu Cote - Game Director

Summary of Stream

  • Anniversary Recap
  • Console Release
  • Beginner Tips 'n Tricks
  • Q&A
  • Mod Job Position available (apply here)
  • Stats
  • Around the Web
  • Recap
  • "Begrutten"

Anniversary Recap

"Essentially, the anniversary for us was a great success. It was super fun. We saw that you were very excited about it, we got a lot of really cool feedback... it was a lot of fun."
"The challenges were something that we didn't expect to be as much fun as they were. Some of them made it so that some of the days were actually a bit weird to play. People would jump into a game, drop pallets everywhere, and some people were like 'I just wanna play the game!' It was still quite a lot of fun, and I want to recap what was given out throughout the anniversary. There was a lot of really fun stuff given out."
Day 1: Dwearder (Dwight Fairfield), Marked Bolo Machete (The Trapper)
Day 2: Old-School Windbreaker (Claudette Morel), Marked Bloodlust Axe (The Wraith)
Day 3: Old Man Jake (Jake Park), Marked Spike Maul (The Hillbilly)
Day 4: Classic Sleeveless (Nea Karlsson), Marked Bridal Saw (The Nurse)
Day 5: Red-Trim Leather Hoodie (Meg Thomas), Iron Chuckles (The Trapper)
Day 6: Groaning Storehouse (The Macmillan Estate)
We also kicked off the cosplay, fan movie, and fanart contests. More information here.
"Last Sunday, some of us were here playing with you. It was so much fun. It was way more fun than I expected it to be! We'll definitely do that again."
"Another thing we're gonna do again is the challenges. We felt they were a blast and made people excited about the game, so we want to do that again. Maybe some challenges that will be much harder. I wouldn't say we sent any that were supposed to be easy, but they ended up being so, as well as the other way around. But we want to make sure we put more challenges in front of you, and we'll give out some really cool stuff."
"And we hope you enjoyed the anniversary offerings." (Basically, they'll act like the Chinese Firecrackers. You can still get them for now, stock up on them etc., but they'll be removed from the bloodweb soon. You'll still keep and be able to use them afterwards, but they'll be removed in an upcoming patch.)

Console Release

"Anybody in North America can play the game on Xbox One or PlayStation 4 right now. It's awesome to see new people coming in. Anybody in Europe will have the game tomorrow."
"People (on consoles) don't really know how to play the game quite yet. We always knew our on-boarding was weak, it's much better now, since we actually have some."
"If you get the console version right now, you'll get the special edition, which has the base game, The Last Breath, Of Flesh and Mud, and A Spark of Madness, as well as The Bloodstained Sack, and The 80s Suitcase. All of that is included in the console game. The Halloween Chapter will be coming very soon. But, it is not part of the original, day 1 offering of the console version. But it will be coming to console very quickly."
"The matchmaking was not perfect on console. The biggest one, was sometimes survivors would end up looking for lobbies forever, because they would end up trying to join a 'black hole' lobby over and over again. The absolute work-around for this is to start a Survive With Friends lobby, and search in it by yourself. This bypasses this bug completely. It was patched for PS4, Xbox will take a couple days, and that is out of our hands. This is because the patch needs to be submitted to Sony/Microsoft, and it needs to be approved, and then it gets pushed, which takes time."
"This bug existed on PC in the past, but it was a bit different, because consoles use our matchmaking system instead of the steam matchmaking. It was fixed for PS4 and will be fixed for Xbox soon. The other side of this bug is for killers, who will sometimes create this 'black hole' lobby. If, as a killer on console, you have 0 survivors after about 2 minutes, this is not normal. You should have a filled lobby relatively quickly, but if you have no one after about two minutes, back out, remake the lobby, and it's most likely fine now. If you keep waiting, it won't ever get resolved, and you'll be waiting there forever. Sorry about that. Matchmaking isn't a simple thing. When we push things live to consoles it doesn't act exactly the same as it does in our sample, so we had some surprises. Overall, the experience is still pretty good."

Beginner Tips 'n Tricks (with Stefan Horvath)

"Welcome everybody who is new. You will die. This is natural. It's just gonna happen. It's part of the experience, and your skill level will slowly increase as time goes by. Keep in mind you will be very scared and frantic at the beginning, that's normal."
"When you start, I would recommend starting with killer, or watching a killer stream, to understand the mechanics behind what a killer does. When you run, you leave behind scratch marks behind you which are very easy for the killer to see, when you walk, you don't. When you crouch, you're harder to be seen, so you can use objects to hide behind. Your best objects in the map (as a survivor) to hide or escape the killer are vaults, or pallets. When you go on a generator, look around and plan an escape route using these two options. Make sure to have a backup, in case the killer comes from the direction of your escape route."
"As killers, you're playing to find the survivors. What I would suggest is go around the map, going from generator to generator until you find one that has been worked on. In theory, there should be survivors in that area. If you can't find them, move on to the next one. You'll eventually find someone who is running around."
"If you listen for loud noises, these are when 'pops' occur. These make an explosion-like sound, and you'll see an effect on the screen. Look in their direction. Something has happened over there that means a survivor is in that area."
"Lockers are amazing. They're a bit more advanced technique. If the killer is coming to an area and you hear the heartbeat, you can try to get into a locker as quick as possible. Quietly, obviously, not loudly, so that it doesn't make a 'pop' for the killer. Then, when the killer comes, he'll try to see where you are, and if he doesn't find you, he might leave the area."
"As lockers are becoming more useful because of perks like Quick & Quiet, which actually negate the 'pop' made when you get in, killers are going to look for people in lockers more often, so don't blame me if you get caught." -Stefan Horvath
"It's funny, because there are those waves in the meta-game where people say 'nobody uses lockers, they're useless,' so nobody uses lockers, so then they become a really good place to hide, and so on, forever." -Mathieu Cote
"If everyone used lockers effectively, you can wait for someone to break a pallet, and while they're breaking a pallet, you can jump into the locker. It'll cover the sound. Same thing when someone's being hooked, it'll mask the sound. Most killers will miss this. I've done loops, thrown down a pallet, and as the killer is breaking the pallet, get into a locker after running slightly in a different direction so that it looks like I've gone in that direction, and soon it looks like I've left the area."
"And for killers, you can lunge if you hold the attack button. You'll do a longer attack for 1.5 seconds, where you'll move at 150% your normal speed to try to hit somebody. Sometimes it's better to hold onto your attack and not swing right away until you're right on top of somebody, because some survivors are very squirmy, and move around a lot to make it harder to hit them. Don't get frustrated, breathe after missing a swing a few times, and then aim, and you'll get there. You have the power." -Stefan Horvath
Could you make it so that entering lockers slowly is silent?
"Maybe." -Stefan Horvath
"Well, there's a little sound, but that's always been part of the game. If you're a killer and you pay really close attention to the sounds happening around you, like hearing someone breathe, or someones footsteps around you, you can hear them. That was always the point." -Mathieu Cote
"I also saw on Reddit, a post by TinysocksB, they had a great post for beginners. It gives you a ton of videos for help. It was recently reposted from 7 months ago (around when Myers came out) so it's pretty relevant for Console Players now.
"We still have a mod position opening. It's a volunteer position. We need help with the moderators. They're doing an amazing job, but the community is growing by leaps and bounds, and the influx of people from the console world will actually make it more difficult, so we want to make sure we get the right people to help out the moderator team. Apply here.


Bill on Console?
"Unfortunately, the Left Behind update is not something we can put on Console. It's Valve's stuff, and they don't want it anywhere except on Steam, which makes absolute sense. So unfortunately, that's not something we can do. You can still get Bill's perks on console though. They're called the same thing, but they have different icons. They do the same things. They're just not linked to a character anymore, and anyone can get them without needing to acquire teachables."
Will you make the Bloodletting shirt available for other characters?
"We might. If we do, it'll probably be through another promotion through the merch store."
What are the current ideas for the Doctor rework?
"So the Doctor won the survey for who people thought should be reworked first. Obviously, this means the others will get reworked, just later on." -Mathieu Cote
"So the Doctor will be getting reworked. We've come up with 5 different ideas that we believe we're going forward with. We'll test it first, obviously, but they sound pretty good so far."
  1. Give "Snap out of it" synergy with healing, in that it's affected by perks or add-ons
  2. The skill check randomized placements will be part of his base kit, at 50% in tier 1, 75% in tier 2, and 100% in tier 3.
  3. Make a buzzing sound that replaces the heartbeat in certain situations, that is 2D (is only either on or off, no levels of intensity like heartbeat). Would replace heartbeat in all levels of madness while in Treatment mode, and in madness level 3 while in punishment mode. (thanks jarkortheburninator for helping me figure this part out)
  4. Shock Therapy will have 3 seconds of interrupted actions. They won't be able to drop pallets, vault, work on generators, open exit gates, and in theory, unhook someone. This will be looked at more.
  5. The red stain will be on the player and off of the doctor at the beginning of a chase, instead of randomly. So when you start a chase, for 5-10 seconds, the survivor will have the red stain on them, and the killer won't have it on them.
"You'll also get points for snapping out of it." -Stefan Horvath
(They acknowledge that having 100% random skill checks in Madness 3 wouldn't make sense since you can't have skill checks in it right now, but they were considering putting skill checks into "Snap out of it" and will keep that in mind when they're working on it)
Will we get more Swamp, Asylum, and Hospital maps?
"Yes. We don't have any in the works right now, but we will eventually, for sure."
As we can see, you guys have to do something with facecamping. We know you said it was a strategy, but just look at the steam forums. Please do something. Good game by the way.
"We're looking at the facecamping, we always have been. Normal camping, there are counters in the game currently, but maybe not enough counterplay for the survivors. We're looking into putting this into a 'Stalemate' cube. If you've been following what the cubes have been, they've been little packages focusing on an area of the game that we're looking to improve and give you as a grouped idea. This one would have things like the hatch standoff and the exit gate, as well as facecamping, like unhooking from all sides. Also, a concede mechanic for killers. After the exit gates are powered, the killer would have the ability to leave the game without being punished. Survivors would get their escaped points and the killer would keep all points they had gained up to that point." -Stefan Horvath
Will the upcoming killer "break the game" more successfully than the Doctor?
"We think the Doctor did it's job. It broke some things. Stealth became more of an issue. You had to work harder to be stealthy. It showed how much stealthiness was useful. Lockers are probably your best bet against a Doctor, by the way. You don't gain madness in it, you can't be shocked, and you lose madness much faster. It's great against Doctors."
"But the next killer will screw up everything. Similar to the Nurse."
When will the workshop become available?
"We don't have a timeline on that, but it's something that we want to do. We want people to be able to submit content, we would run community votes on them, and then put the winners in the game. It would be really fun, so we'll see.
Will and When will you add other animals?
"We've talked about it, like rats, bunnies, the pig. It would be really cool, but right now, unless we get a good excuse, like it's part of a big theme, it needs to have a reason to be pushed to the top of the priority list."
Console exclusive survivor instead of Bill?
"We're open to that. It's a conversation with Microsoft and Sony. It'd be cool if Bill had an alternate survivor look that could be used on consoles. Like Nathan Drake for PS4."
Charity Pack. Is it coming to the game?
"Yes it is. But, we're working against a ton of red tape to get it done. We will get it done, you'll get all of those juicy, juicy outfits in your hands whenever we can."
Will you guys add new chase soundtracks for each killer specifically?
"Myers just came with his theme music. You just can't do Michael Myers without his theme music. We're not against making new chase music. But making more killer specific chase music is adding on top of the cost of making a new chapter, and we want to make sure we can make chapters happen at a good rate."
Any plans to combine Resilience and This is Not Happening? This would be one of my favorite perks if it happened, but separate I will never use these perks.
"We'd like to buff these perks actually. For This is Not Happening, I would love to make it have an affect on the size of the skill checks and the skill sizes are large enough that it's actually useful to you, and I would like to increase the number of skill checks you actually get while injured as well. I'd like to add more injured perks, and I would love to update Resilience so that it actually tells you what it does. It also increases your unhook and vault speed. Basically anything you do can be done faster with it. The text just needs an update, and maybe get a tiny boost. We want to make these more appealing to you. I like the injured gameplay, mixed with Iron Will. I'm excited for what's coming too." -Stefan Horvath
What about your own matchmaking that you tested for a day? When would it be ready for full release?
The matchmaking is the one that's being used for PS4 and XB1. It's the same matchmaking that was used for 24 hours on PC. Now it's fully functioning on console. We're patching it right now. Once we're happy with the state of it, we'll flip the switch again. We just want to make sure it's perfect before we switch it back. It needs to be an improvement on the Steam one, so when we did it for 24 hours, a lot of people were saying it was much better, a lot of people were saying it was much worse. We're not gonna flip it until we're confident that there's a high chance it'll be much better. If we flip it and we realize it's still not better for everyone, we'll flip it back until it's ready." -Mathieu Cote
"PC and Mobile wallpapers have been released. I know not_Queen has been working very hard on those, so thank you."
Link here!
What happened to your idea for the healing rework?
"It was postponed. It's a cool idea, but it's not good enough, at least not in this state. We're also waiting for an item cube, where we'll look at flashlights, sabotage, and repair mechanics in general."
Can we please get more cosmetics for all the killers? I want to see my trapper in some sexy new threads.
"We do have an image for that." -MC
"Can we petition to put this in the game?" -SH
"I don't know. We'll put that in the 'maybe' pile. For now." -MC
What do you think about the Wraith? How would you rework him if he won the vote?
"We have a few ideas. We're looking to change his cloaked movement speed when you're uncloaking. Currently, when you uncloak, you slow down to about 1m/s which is super slow (about 1/5th normal speed), and it took 3 seconds, and the survivors would usually get away, unless you had something like Windstorm or Swift Hunt. We're gonna reduce the movement reduction, to about 3 or 4m/s, so the survivors still have the opportunity to get away, but put the Wraith in a better position after cloak. We're also gonna change the growl, make it tighter so that it's harder to hear when he's coming. It's important that you still have a heads up of when the killer gets there, and his positioning will be more important when he starts uncloaking. The bell sound will also only be 32m (as large as terror radius) so that you don't constantly feel safe as soon as you hear him cloak/uncloak and you don't hear a heartbeat. So we're making the wraith more stealthy as he should be, and we'll change the add-ons accordingly. He'll be able to break generators while cloaked. You'll go to the generator, interact with it, you'll break out of cloak in your leg to break the generator, then you'll go back into stealth. He won't be able to attack in stealth."
"The red stain will also be hidden on the wraith when we comes out of cloak, so for about 10 seconds after he uncloaks he won't have a red stain. The last thing is, when he is in cloak, we will add a black and white effect, like borrowed time, and we're gonna highlight blood. We might highlight other things that are red, like prestige outfits. Probably not things like the street meg jacket, that might be too bright. Also, he will cloak faster." -Stefan Horvath
"These are just things that we're thinking about right now." -Mathieu Cote
Will Feng get a gamer hat as a new cosmetic?
"Could be. Very possible thing. They are by definition something that a professional e-sports player would be forced to wear, for sponsors."
Will Stefan and other stream again? And if so can you guys make sure the channels are set to save the VoDs?
"Probably. I think Stefan and Patricia had a lot of fun and would like to do it again."
New games modes, perkless mode, trading system? Are they still a thing you work on?
"The new games modes, to a certain extent. The perkless mode is already something that exists. In the tournament mode." -Mathieu Cote
"I think we should have challenges like that, win a game perkless." -Stefan Horvath
I have a request for borrowed time. Can you make it so that it only triggers if the survivor on the hook is there for at least 10 seconds?
"I believe that sounds like a great idea. I don't know if we're going to make it so that when you have the perk it has 10 seconds and you're near a hooked survivor, and the question the question is, if you are near one hooked survivor for 10 seconds, and another person gets hooked, can you save him right away? I Feel like when we look at the character we can look at the perk we can de-highlight it to indicate that it's not ready? I don't know exactly how we're gonna do that to tell you. That's kinda our issue at the moment. But I like the idea." -Stefan Horvath
Can you rework or buff unused items like keys and maps? Can sabotage get a buff or rework? Can technician work for sabotaging as well?
"For technician, no, that's not the idea of the perk. But it could I suppose." -Mathieu Cote
Sabotage, I would love to see that when we sabotage hooks, instead of breaking them, it makes them easier to escape, or give you a free escape, or does something that it makes it so it's harder to use." -Stefan Horvath
"I like how he worded it, because it's true that keys and maps are less used than the other items, but they're not necessarily bad, which is usually how people word it. What was really cool, was that the challenge that we had, where people were asked to use the map and light up items, it was really cool because we got a lot of feedback from people who had never really used the map, and now they were using the map, or they were playing with other people who were using the map and they were getting benefits from it, and they were seeing that the map can actually be super useful." -Mathieu Cote
"Yeah maps are actually really useful in the hospital, so you can actually find generators. So that was really cool, maybe we'll need to do something like that with the key."
"When we nerfed the point generation of the map down to 50, people were like 'this is shit' *throws away* but that was actually what I wanted to know, if you guys were just using it for the points. That's coming back though, the map points. Not to 300 though." -Stefan Horvath
Is Nea gonna get any long-haired cosmetics any time soon?
"I'd say no. But then again I'm not the person that decides this, but I'd say no, she seems more like a short-haired kinda girl. Same thing with Meg with short hair, it's not gonna happen. But maybe it is, I don't know." -Mathieu Cote
How often is a regenerated hook used for a sacrifice?
"That's an extremely interesting question that we do not have an answer to."
"That does lead me to the fact that we had some really cool stats to show, so lets' go to that."


"Our stats guy gave us some really cool graphs on the use of Bloodlust now that it's been out for a little bit."
Average speeds
Chase stats

Q&A (cont.)

Will there be Dead by Daylight Volume 2?
"If you're talking about the soundtrack, we don't have enough new material to make a volume 2 soundtrack. If you're talking about the sequel to the game, nobody is talking about that at this point. We're still very much focused on Dead by Daylight.
If Luck does not affect perks such as Ace in the Hole and Technician, why can't that be changed?
"Well, it could be changed, technically. I don't know how we would do it, but we do have a luck revamp coming in one of the cubes. I don't know exactly which one because it's gonna be a fairly big revamp."
Could you tell us a bit more about the upcoming killer? Their perks and power?
"That's quite a lot of information you're asking for, and I will certainly not give you that. But I can show you a thing!"
The thing.
How did your voice actoactress make the breathing sounds for the Wraith, Hillbilly, and Hag?
"Wraith and Hillbilly were both Phil, who was here last time spilling toothpaste, and not talking about level creation. What he did was he stayed there and breathed. We recorded him, and put a lot of fuzz and what not, and used a wah-wah pedal or something. He even did the pallet stun sound on stream."
How high was your budget when you started Dead by Daylight?
"It's like asking a lady her age, you could do it in private company or if you know each other better, but it's the kinda thing that people shy away from. So I won't get into that, but I'll say that we really were a small scale game at the time, and we did not expect to really have the scale that we have. We managed to get a little bit of financial help from different sources but it was a very very small project at the beginning. Obviously we grew, and in the last year we kept spending money because we kept the whole production team, and grew it quite a lot in comparison to the team before launch, so it's changed quite dramatically." -Mathieu Cote
When you end the match, you have the two options, Leave and Upgrade. Would it be possible to add another that lets you go straight to the lobby and join another game without going to the starting screen?
"Yes, that would be amazing. It's part of some flow improvements that we hopefully can get. As well as a way to stay in your party."
Any plans for more brutal momento mori animations in the future?
"Today I saw the very rough first draft animation of the new killer's mori. I can tell you that the guy dies at the end. And it was Dwight."
For the Doctor's perk Monitor and Abuse, can you make it so that when he's in treatment mode he gets the extra heartbeat radius switched on instead of the smaller radius, or is that already the case?
"So the way it works is based on whether or not you're in a chase. So if you wanna run this perk on the Doctor and be effective, if you wanna play with your terror radius, you'll probably want to run the add-ons that actually affect how big your terror radius is in punishment and treatment. We've always made treatment larger and punishment smaller. With Monitor and Abuse, how this would work is by default, in treatment you'd have a smaller terror radius when you were just walking around, but it'd be about as large as it would be without Monitor and Abuse and the add-on. When you get into a chase, it gets exploded and you could almost have a 64m treatment radius, which means while you're in a chase, everyone is going crazy, and if they have to snap out of it to do an action, this could buy you a lot of time." -Stefan Horvath
Why does Ace have a ring on his hand? Is he married?
"He looks like a divorced kinda guy, not necessarily a married kinda guy, but who knows? Also, he's probably not that trustworthy. He's got a troubled past. Maybe the ring is just a chick magnet." -Mathieu Cote
Why don't you hired Horvath?
"What? You're a permanent employee, right? Or have you just been faking it? Did you just show up one day to work?" -Mathieu Cote
Can you make perk profiles so you can switch between different perk builds between survivor and killer?
"That would be great. And you could label them so you could name them whatever you want."

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"We love doing the challenges. It was hard work, it was chaotic, but it was super fun, useful in certain respects, the map for example, so we'll definitely do that again. We'll make more things to give out for them. We'll make harder challenges as well."
"Anniversary was amazing, thank you very much for everyone who participated!"
"The console! There are some cool guides for tips 'n tricks. Matchmaking has just been patched on the PS4, Xbox One is still waiting approval from Microsoft. If you're a survivor waiting forever, use Survive with Friends on your own. We'll keep tweaking our matchmaking, making it better, we appreciate your patience with this, but most people are having a pretty flawless experience with it on console, which is surprising."
When will we fix localization?
"Yes, we know there are a lot of things missing. We don't know when we'll get a fix for it. It'll be folded as part of an update we're going to do in the coming weeks. The localization isn't done by any of the devs here, so luckily it doesn't have any effect on the dev production time. The main difficulty is the testing for it."
"It seems we have a few accounts of loss of progress on console (Stefan says he had it yesterday). So we have a few cases, we are looking into it as we speak. Loss of ranks, we are looking into that as well. Killer lobbies are fixed as of now supposedly. We'll have to wait a couple hours to see if there are more instances popping up. Matchmaking will keep improving, but for now it should be a good experience. That's great because tomorrow there's gonna be a lot more coming in from Europe and the rest of the world, to join everyone else. Hopefully you welcome them with welcome arms. Don't forget, new players, you will die. Halloween Chapter is not yet available on console, but it is coming very quickly."
"We're looking for new mods to fill our ranks if you're interested, and you think you have what it takes, the right positive constructive attitude, the desire to help out in this community, and the time to do it with, then please apply to this volunteer position." -Mathieu Cote


"'Begrutten' is 'showing the effects of much weeping; marred or swollen in face through sore or continued weeping.' So if you've been crying for a whole evening, you might look begrutten. It is an English word. So try to use it in a sentence. Try to make someone cry for a few hours, then tell them they look begrutten." -Mathieu Cote
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Choose a Perk from a Goddess

Your city is visited by a number of immensely huge and powerful goddesses. They are benevolent and friendly, however. They seek you out by name, and once you reluctantly visit them, you are instructed that one of them will give you a power based on what they control. So pick a power from a goddess and it's yours. However, they warn that each power also comes with a downside, as well.
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"We're gonna paint the whole damn world red!" Carnage Guide and Review

Oh man, I don't think Carnage caused as much carnage in the comics as he did across Future Fight forums the day his T2 was announced/implemented. The move came as a bit of shock since the numbers were so crazy and paired with his Iframes, it made him one annoying blob to kill, some may argue, near impossible if manually controlled.
But that's history and Carnage is the present. I, for one, was eagerly anticipating the day that Carnage got his T2. Needless to say, I was not disappointed. He was one of my go to characters a few months ago but nowadays he'd be seeing less and less of the field and I had been praying for a amazing T2 to return him to his former glory. And the developers certainly delivered.
Now, I appreciate that Carnage is a strictly paywall character and thus is a lot rarer than some of the other premium characters. I am also aware that a considerable amount of the player base is purely F2P (and adamant that they won't spend a penny) and sadly they'll never witness the joy of playing with the red blob that is Carnage. Some may even question the developers/producers decision to make a paywall character so obscenely good, but the way I personally see it is that you can have your very own Carnage for a measly sum of 8 bucks. Throw in a mega 6* and you'll be able to max his gears in that price too. I'd say 8 bucks is a adequate amount to pay for the hours of fun and joy that the game provides and welcome the idea of another paywall character. The introduction of paywall characters spaced at 3-4 months intervals is very reasonable in my opinion and our financial support helps to keep the game running ad free as it is. (In before Dr Strange is Paywall). a bit carried away there, now back to Carnage. All of Carnage's attacks deal physical damage and make use of the shape shifting nature of Symbiote.
Leadership: Carnage Instinct: 6% Crit rate + 18% Crit Dmg at 6* mastery (not the best but be glad it's not a resist, looking at you "band of brothers")
1*: Weapon Manipulation (2 Hits)
Carnages arms transform into huge claws and strike the enemy twice. Good skill for drawing yourself closer to the enemy. Not advisable to use in tight situations unless you have him at T2 and his invincibility is up.
2*: Devouring Maniac (4 Hits)
Carnage jumps at the enemy dealing one strike and shards of manipulated matter come from within Carnage's torso and stab into the enemy. Again this skill requires Carnage to be quite close and only use it if you are safe (invincibility on/HP high).
3* Camouflage Strike (3 Hits)
Now this has to be one of the most unique, interesting, and useful skills in all of Future Fight. Carnage jumps up very slightly and lands turning into a puddle on the floor. He then moves (as the puddle) and strikes enemies with a huge shard which comes from the puddle. Upon completion Carnage then jumps and transforms into his usual looking self. The whole skill is a Iframe and you cannot be targeted during the animation, although I swear once in WB Corvus totally hit Carnage whilst in puddle form, but I'll put that down to a bug. Upon arising Carnage leaves 5 blobs on the floor, and his 4* is what makes them so interesting.
4*: Symbiote Nature (Passive)
This skill is what makes his 3* so damn good, at 3* Carnage's Symbiote spawns will simply dissipate with no effect if you, a teammate, or a enemy steps on them. However, at 4* the blobs, when stepped on, will heal you and teammates for 7% HP and and will decrease all enemy speed (Movement and Attack). Note: This speed decrease will not affect WB's and characters who have Movement Speed Resist, although their attack speed will be decreased). Now if you happen to pick up all of the blobs you're looking at a massive 35% HP, before recovery is taken into account, and with enough SCD you'll be using the skill every 6/7 seconds. Starting to see the appeal of Carnage yet? This ability makes Carnage such an awesome support character as the survivability of teammates is greatly increased.
5*: Carnage Strike (6 hits)
I got to say, this skill is pretty sweet. Carnage leaps back and shoots strings of Symbiote from his body at the enemy dealing pretty good damage. Not only is it a ranged attack, it actually puts a great amount of distance between Carnage and the enemy, and if timed right it can be users to avoid hard hitting attacks from the likes of Black Dwarf and SuperGiant. The skill also incorporates splash damage and deals more damage against mobs.
6*: Insanity Striker (9 hits initially + up to 5 additional hits from Symbiote spawns)
This is without a doubt one of the most aesthetically pleasing skills in the game. Carnage leaps at the enemy, hits the ground as a puddle and comes forth as a huge Carnage head apparently eating/biting the enemy. He repeats this once more and finishes the skill by coming out of the ground on a throne of huge spikes which penetrate the enemy. This skill also leaves 5 Symbiote blobs on the ground which track the enemy and deal additional damage. Simply put, it's an amazing skill. Now whether or not it constitutes as a Iframe is debatable as he can and will get hit during the animation, but I'd personally say it is a Iframe...sorta. At the end of the skill he is quite vulnerable to attacks so it's advisable to cancel out into his 3* or 5* skills.
*Hits based on one target
T2: Maximum Carnage (very fittingly named)
Now this is what got everybody talking, whilst his T2 bestows him with a considerable stat boost, the passive is simply out of this world. Now, I'll save copying the description word for word and tell you in layman's terms (hehe). When Carnage uses his 6* ability, he gets a 6 second invincibility shield AND a 54% skill damage+45% bonus damage boost lasting 10 seconds. And the cooldown is a meager 3 seconds. Epic? Yes. Broken? Maybe. Essentially, at near max SCD your're looking at a 7/8 second cooldown on a skill which makes you invincible for 6 seconds. Hot damn. He's one of the best, if not the best, T2's at the moment and is definitely worth a T2 ticket or the conventional materials.
Note: Invincibility can be debuffed by Thanos and Ithanos (WB modes)
Skill Rotation at T1: 6, 3, 5* and repeat Skill Rotation at T2: 6, 2, 5, 3, 6* and repeat
Of course this is not set in stone and experimenting in the best way to see what works for you.
World Boss Striker Ability: 10% decrease to damage taken from supervillains. I mean it's not too bad but I believe Carnage is a 'when hit' striker so there are probably better options.
Set up/Build:
I appreciate that these will vary greatly among players as their needs differ, so I will try to provide a broad account of possibilities.
1st Gear: Physical Attack by lv in the first slot and Physical Attack or All Attack in remaining slots
2nd Gear: All Defense
3rd Gear: HP by lv in the first slot and HP in remaining slots.
4th Gear: I've gone for Defense Penetration but Crit Rate/Damage for a crit build will also work nicely. If your total SCD from Cards and Alliance is below 30-35% then it would be beneficial to roll SCD in the 4th gear slot.
Defensive Build: (for use in BW, although in my opinion it is best to build Carnage offensively but I've heard others want defensive builds, for whatever reason, and I'm all for completeness)
ISO: Stark Backing, I Am Also Groot, Drastic Density Enhancement, Binary Power
Obelisk: Recovery Rate, All Defense, Max HP, Invincibility Shield, HP Proc
Offensive Build:
ISO: Hawks Eye, Power of Angry Hulk, Overdrive.
I would choose between HE for the added SCD and POAH for the extra Defense Penetration
Obelisk: Crit Rate, Crit Damage, Defense Penetration, Increase Damage by xxx Procs
I currently have a DDE+ recovery and invincibility obelisk on him, but as I T2'd him today I will be changing this set up.
What I intend to do:
ISO: POAH since I have around 50% SCD from cards and alliance
Obelisk: Defense Penetration and the highest Increase Dmg by xxx I can be lucky enough to roll.
I would advise against a Healing set as he has on demand healing built into his kit, and even without a recovery booster he heals a lot. SCD sets such as Spy Tactics and Smart Raccoon are also a no go in my opinion as sooner or later you'll be in a position where you have enough SCD from other sources that the SCD proc will be redundant and changing the set may prove to be problematic. Hence, if you feel that you currently need more SCD, a Hawks Eye set will be ideal.
Team Ups:
A lot of players like to use the 'Carnage Rebirth' team including Spiderman and Venom and more often than not use Carnage's own leadership. This is great and if it works for you then kudos. If it doesn't work then it may be a good idea to use a physical attack boost such as Hulk, War Machine, Deathlok etc. and add Venom to gain at least one team bonus. At the end of the day it's best to see what works for you by experimenting.
At present, Carnage has not got a uniform, and he is brilliant without one. I believe we will see some in future and here are some potential designs we could be seeing (lol I need a break from writing, I bet you want one from reading too huh hehe, let's take 5 guys)
Done? Great, good to have you back.
Carnage vs Hyperion
Carnage and Hyperion are the two true paywall characters of Future Fight, you could argue Gwen Poole is too but she can still be slowly farmed through special missions despite not being available in speed type or generic selectors. In my Hyperion guide I stated that at T1 that Carnage is the better character, but only slightly. Now that they both have their T2's we can make a more sound judgement. And I stand by my original stance that Carnage is still superior to Hyperion, and now at T2 that margin has increased. Don't get me wrong, I love Hyperion and have him at T2 and use him with Daisy and T2 Ironfist to bring down Ithanos but Carnage is in another class and excels in game modes where Hyperion often fails to deliver e.g. Battleworld. I mean if you can afford the resources then they are both worth it in my opinion, otherwise Carnage edges it by having better DPS, better survivability, and being easier to use.
Where does all of this put Carnage in the combat class?
Very near if not at the top, until Hulkbuster and Kingpin get their T2's I'd say Carnage is the best combat character in the game. He is as good at surviving as Moon Knight and puts out similar DPS to Ironfist, if not perhaps a little bit more. Of course, this is just my opinion based on my observations and others may have not had the same experience.
T2 Carnage in action:
Alliance Battle:
Infinity Thanos:
Credit to the original owners.
The 2nd clip shows a Carnage team against Ithanos, but I'm not convinced I'll be able to replicate his/her results. For that reason I'll be running a Wasp/WW/Carnage team and am confident they'll get me the win.
I couldn't find a clip of Carnage in Battleworld (don't know how to make one either) but based on my observations at T1, he will thrive. On autoplay in 2nd slot, he spends a lot of time in Iframe leaving behind healing blobs for you and at the same time slowing down enemies and given the chaotic nature of Battleworld, 10% speed can be a very big deal, as can an additional 7% hp.
At T2 Carnage is simply exquisite, his arsenal of Iframes, innate healing, and insane Damage earn him a position at the top of the ranks. I must mention that Carnage has a - 50% mind damage weakness (which I assume is due to Venom some how, if you know why please say in the comments, would love to know) which does put him at risk of being easily beaten by characters who deal Mind damage. But it's no biggy, you can count the number of characters who deal Mind damage on one hand, even if you lost a finger due to the kidnappers not getting their ransom quick enough. Presently, Ronan, Modok, Venom, and SuperGiant are the only characters who deal mind damage and to be fair you don't really ever see any of them in competitive game modes, hence I say it's no biggy. Carnage makes a excellent addition to any roster, a powerful ally in Battleworld, and is probably one of the most forgiving and easy to use characters in the game. T2 him? It's a no brainer.
Thanks for reading!
13.09.2016 Edit: Changed Uniform Links
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Of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Would You Rather be Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, or Donatello?

Leonardo is smart and the leader and is highly disciplined and is the best fighter. He wears the blue bandanna.
Raphael is crabby, cynical, sarcastic, and negative, but has the best jokes. He is physically the biggest turtle and the second best fighter. He is the most independent and a smart-ass. He wears the red bandanna.
Michelangelo is happy-go-lucky, positive, and a party animal. He is usually positive and likes pizza the most out of the four. He is the smallest turtle and wears the orange bandanna.
Donatello is the smartest and nerdiest of the four and has a genius IQ, as well as being extremely handy. He is socially awkward however. He wears the purple bandanna.
BONUS OPTION: You get the choice to be April o'Neil as well, but she's the only chick you can be.
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Fellow Tenno, Let's decipher the Tenno language!

Official Forum Link for collaboration and brainstorming!
My fellow Tenno, for a long time now, I've been trying to decipher exactly what the Tenno etchings mean. We cracked the Corpus, and got through the Grineer, so what else is left besides our own writing!? Unfortunately, the language itself is incredibly difficult to read, and while we had handy ciphers to start us off on the other languages, the Tenno are not so lucky. Therefore, I will present to you all my findings so far, as well as various hypotheses as to what a starting point could potentially be. Through this, I hope that we can finally crack the code together!
First off, we should begin with the most obvious and clear examples of Tenno text that are currently available. First and foremost, the Lotus Symbol. The Lotus symbol presents what could potentially be the first clue to this puzzle. However, issues present themselves. The very text itself is unusual, wrapping into the emblem and twisting into eachother. Second, what word could it present? Lotus? Tenno? Honor? Any are potential, but since there are no CLEAR indications between each letter, I have a hard time choosing either way. My guess for this particular rune is "Tenno" read from right to left. The two identical runes on the left give me this idea, and the diamond shape in the center is what I interpret as a separator between characters. However, I do not stick to this idea, as many other runes have thrown this for a loop.
Second, is the Founders Logo. I am fairly certain that this rune DOES NOT read "founders" as it is present in several other places which I will show further in.
With those obvious runes out of the way, I began to try and record the various runes written upon the Warframes themselves. My first choice was Excalibur, as he has a LARGE amount of text etched into his frame. First off, is the Symbol on his shoulder. The symbol itself is decorative, but within is writing. This symbol is identical to the one on his head. Next, he has writing on his face, head,torso, and thighs. It is important to note, that while many frames have writing on either side of their body, the text is simply MIRRORED from the other side, adding more confusion as to how the text is to be read! Now while the images I posted may be difficult to read for some, it doesn't matter much, as the text has much clearer counterparts. First, this wallpaper of Excalibur. I have tested, and this writing DOES match the writing of the actual model. While it is still a bit blurry, I feel it is easier to read. Also, this image if Excalibur's head provides a clear shot of the etchings there.
Now there is one etching in particular that appears OFTEN on the Warframes. It appears on Ash's body, Neck, and Head (flipped and mirrored of course), and most prominently on Loki's leg cloth. The faded writings on Excalibur are largely composed of this one.
Second is the "founder's logo." As I said earlier, I do not believe it reads "founder" because it appears on Loki's back and Rhino's back as well. However, it is flipped again! Do the Tenno not have a solid orientation to reading their runes? This rune is also present beneath the "play" button on the warframe launcher.
Those two "strings" are the primary runes I initially knew of, however, after a bit more scouting, I have discovered a HUGE amount of writing that is VERY contextual, which may give us enough to start decoding! But before that, I should bring up that there was no writing in the void, except for This symbol which also appears (albeit, stretched out) on the Banners in the dojo. This particular rune's meaning eludes me, but it does give me a better idea as to how the runes are arranged. I believe they are written diagonally, and that there are FOUR runes in that icon. How they are read is still a mystery, and what purpose the the miniature symbols over the runes present I cannot guess. Some of them are similar or identical to polarity slots, which are now named! Maybe they are letter indicators that correspond to the polarity names?
Now here is the treasure trove (ignore the dog and the frame). The runes of an elevator, Clan hall, Garden, Tenno Lab, Energy Lab, Chemical Lab, Infested Lab, Oracle, Trophy Room, and Dueling Room. These images were the best I could get, as the holograms fade with proximity. The text seems to repeat twice, once across the top, and once across the bottom, with the text shrinking or enlarging to fit this. However, this opens up new concerns. Focusing on the oracle in particular, I notice that even if each rune was a single letter, there would not be enough to form the word. This leads me to believe that the runes are not single letter utterances, but phonemes, and that the runes floating above are pronunciation emphasis indicators, such as an umlaut. If this is true, then solving these runes presents a task fit for a linguist...or 10,000 really bored people on computers. Either way, it's doable, but much more difficult.
Hmm, I just got an idea. What if the symbols are SYLLABLE indicators? There are three runes in the "oracle" circle, and three syllables in "oracle." This logic doesn't translate so well to other strings, but it could be a start.
A few other small things. The rings around consumable items contains etchings as seen Here. The etchings are the same in all three segments (with one being flipped for some reason) and they are identical across all consumable types. What does the outlier string indicate? Does it show the true orientation to read the etchings? But what direction? SO MANY QUESTIONS! And then there is This terminal rune. This rune is identical across ALL terminals in the dojo, and is a simple 4 rune string, which god. R-O-O-M, and the two runes in the center are identical! Is this our cipher?! Probably not... but hey, the only way we're going to figure this out is by thinking outside the box!
Some new runes: Volt's Shoulders 1, And 2. These runes seem identical to the reoccurring symbol on most frames. I noticed some runes on Volt's Chest, but I'm concerned as to why the bottom right rune is different slightly. Nyx's Shoulder. Very clear, good reference. And also Nyx's thighs, which I hope are the same rune strings as the ones on Excalibur. Lastly, Trinity's chestplate which seems to be the reoccurring rune from Loki and Rhino, and Trinity's skirt which DOES contain writing, but I'm not sure how valid it is.
Some more new runes: Hydroid's shoulders 1 and 2. I think the little symbol on #2 is purely decorative, as it appears flipped and rotated on multiple frames and contains only a single rune. Nekros' Shoulders. The reoccurring symbol. This one HAS to mean Tenno or something similar. And a new treasure trove Vauban's inner arms, Shoulder, rear coat tail, and front thigh pads. These all seem to be familiar runes, but I'd check for discrepancies to be sure.
So now Tenno, I leave you with this collection of low quality screenshots and half theories. Maybe we can work together and get enough minds on this to crack it! Good luck Tenno, I'll be here making my eyes bleed with overexposure to my screen.
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I came up with a fun way to celebrate Rusev Day: HAPPY RUSEV DAY Greeting Cards!!!

With Rusev Day upon us, here is a fun way to celebrate the day and spread the joy of Rusev Day to others.

Happy Rusev Day!

Like most of you, I am always looking for fun, creative and reverential ways to celebrate my favorite day of the year: RUSEV DAY! For this Rusev Day I have decided to make and send out “HAPPY RUSEV DAY” greeting cards and I would like to share this activity with Squaredcircle.
I created a template for the greeting card which is available as both a word file and PDF file here:
PDF Word
A note of thanks: The first step was finding the “Happy Rusev Day” graphic and luckily I was able to find this post from u/NeonNat who had already created the graphic for me. Thanks!
To properly honor Rusev Day follow these simple steps:
  1. D-VON!!! PRINT THE TEMPLATE onto a piece of cardstock. No access to a printer? you’re shit out of luck. If you did it right it should look like this.
  2. I GOT TWO WORDS FOR YA: FOLD IT!!! Fold the card along the left border of the graphic. You should first score this fold by placing a straight edge along the line on which you want to fold. Then very, very gently run a blade or the edge of a pair of scissors along this line. DO NOT APPLY TOO MUCH PRESSURE or you will cut the card in half (I can’t emphasize this enough – go gentle – I’m talking John-Cena-applying-the-STF gentle). This may take a few tries and its good idea to practice on a blank piece of cardstock rather than waste a printout. Also, DO NOT CUT YOURSELF WITH THE BLADE! Blading is no longer allowed in WWE, especially not by a jabroni like you. Scoring will give you a nice clean straight fold and avoid having the card crack as it folds.
  3. CUT THE MUSIC!!! Or rather . . . the card, in this case. Trim the card on the three nonfolded sides. If you have a paper cutter then you’re doing it with Flair! But you can do it the ham-and-egger way too, and use scissors. Your trimmed card is now complete.
  4. FINE SPEECH. Write your message. I would suggest something like, “If you aren’t celebrating Rusev on this glorious Rusev Day, then you are a sniveling little suck up sellout full of sufferin’ succotash, son!” or maybe just “WHAT’S UP?”.
  5. Now shine it up real nice, turn that sumbitch sideways, AND STICK IT STRAIGHT UP…into an envelope. Easier said than done. Personally, I happened to have had envelopes about the size of the card (well, not really, but the card fits, and that's all that matters). You likely will not. You can do a few things here. You can go to Staples or whatever and buy envelopes (kind of costly). You can go to a card store and buy a similar sized card and then just use the envelope (again, a little costly for just 1 envelope). The best option is to go to the dollar store and find a box of cards with an envelope that your card will fit into, buy it and just use the envelopes.
  6. MAIL IT, DANGO!! Time to spread the Rusev Day joy to your friends or family - like your Uncle Elmer, Cousin Luke, Brother Nero, Sister Abigail or whoever. Address the envelope, stamp and mail it out.


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Respect Avatar

Ava Feng, The Avatar

"How can you kill that which has no life?"
Theme Song: Live to Win
Ava was born January 15th, 1995, in Seoul South Korea. Her father is a well off real estate mogul, and from very early in Ava's development sent her to private schools to get a 'proper education'. After the White Event in 2001, however, her intellect skyrocketed, and six year old Ava was deemed a 'genius' by professionals. There was only one problem, all she wanted to do was play video games. Her father urged her to study law, medicine, something that would make her rich and famous, but to no avail. Though she aced every test and schooling placed before her, eventually entering university at age 11, she never cared about the work, only doing enough to please her parents so that she had more time to game. Her gamer handle "AvatarX95" is held at minor celebrity status in small gaming circles. She hopes that as the gaming industry grows, she will find a way to make money doing what she loves, but for now is studying game design.
That is what the world sees of Ava Feng, but there is something that Ava has kept secret, the existence of Hero.exe. After the white event, Ava gained the ability to play her games in real life, and spent the next 5 years as an amateur hero who appeared in various parts of the world. She was not naive, however, and knew that she would need to 'level up' her power to be able to really mix with the big league heroes out there. So, she spent the majority of those five years grinding on malformed and other miscellaneous villains, leveling in secret. Sure some saw the low level paladin or space marine in their exploits, but these reports are few and far between. Now though, Ava is ready. She has reached the end game, and is ready to show the world the true power of a pro gamer.
Ava is a 13 year old Korean girl, weighing 90 lbs and standing at 4 feet 6 inches tall. She generally stays indoors, wearing pajamas and over-sized shirts. She has brown hair and brown eyes.
Ava is a chaotic good hero. She thinks of her heroic actions as just another game to be the best at, and often doesn't consider the consequences of her heroic actions due to being detached from the actual battles.
She is a good kid, but obsessed with winning, and can sometimes be a sore loser. That said, she is always brimming with childish excitement towards the 'games' she plays, and loves the chance to try out new things. She enjoys cooperating with others and playing solo equally, but will generally have trouble following orders. Ava however is very tactical in her thinking due to years of such decisions in games. She can also be quite the show-off.
Intentions and Tier Listing:
Ava will be present both in stories and RP
Ava is Tier Echo


Ava's main power is her ability to project her avatar from certain video games into the real world. This is done through any sort of computer or gaming console (though her maximum power can only be accessed via cutting edge desktops and laptops she has built herself. The older the console or computer, the weaker her avatars). This is accomplished through a special program shortcut, labeled hero.exe, that appears on all such devices she uses, and can only be opened by her. The program cannot be deleted, hacked, or manipulated, and once it is opened the computer is sustained by her powers, unable to be turned off by any means short of destroying it (even unplugging it or using an EMP would not turn off the device).
Avatars are summoned anywhere in the world, but Ava must be able to find the place on a map or satellite image. For example she could summon them on a specific street if she had a map, or inside of a building with the floor plans, but not if she just knew where the building or street was. She generally has several maps open on her computer at all times.
Upon opening the program, Ava has the choice of different games, each representative of a different genre/style. Each represents a game she has poured her heart into during her years as a gaming fanatic. Each is a fictional parody of one of these games. As she plays the games more, it is possible that new content will be unlocked and she will "level up" in various aspects. This will be her in-tier and out of tier creep mechanic.
Due to the limitations of her power, she has to use her microphone to communicate, but does not like exposing her voice to others. So she will usually communicate through text (which appears over her avatar's head) or simply not at all, sticking to gestures, expressions, and emotes. Sometimes she will employ a voice modulator, but this is a rare occurrence.
When an avatar dies, it dissipates into nothingness, and Ava has to wait 10 minutes before creating another one (with some exceptions). She cannot maintain an avatar for longer than two hours. In addition, all avatars are proportionally resistant to diseases, toxins, acid, and other such effects.
MMORPG: Realm of Radiance
Her pride and joy, this maximum level paladin uses a combination of holy magic, powerful relics, and his own physical might to defeat his enemies and protect his allies.
High Physical Stats:
Ajax can lift 5,000 tons overhead, has 100 m/s combat speed, and shares Ava's reaction times. He also possesses high durability which is constant throughout his body.
Type No Sell Tank Stagger KO Other
Kinetic 1 GJ 4 GJ 5 GJ 7 GJ N/A
Thermal N/A N/A N/A N/A Immune up to 2000 K, and is 200x more resistant to change than humans.
Force 2 MN 15 MN 30 MN 45 MN N/A
Pressure N/A N/A N/A N/A 80 GPa
Healing Magic:
By placing his hands on a wounded person, Ajax can immediately stabilize them and grant them a 1 kg/second healing factor until he removes his hands. He must concentrate to maintain this ability. Using this ability on himself allows a once/minute heal which restores him to full health and functionality, as though he was just summoned.
The Shield of Bal'daid:
This shield is top tier raid equipment that took Ava weeks of farming to receive. It effectively doubles all of Ajax's durability stats from the front, projecting a force field over the parts it does not cover.
A relic sword and one of the most powerful weapons in the game, lightbringer can only be wielded by Ajax and hits for 35 Gpa of cutting/piercing damage (slicing or piercing respectively). It is a holy weapon and is super effective against enemies weak to holy energy.
Invulnerable is Ajax's holy steed, and is a holy war charger that has the same durability as Ajax and weighs one ton. The warhorse has a maximum speed of mach 5 (after about 5 seconds), accelerating at a mach per second. He mostly uses it for travel and can summon it by reciting the phrase "Come, Invulnerable, let us ride to battle!" (either by text or voice). If Invulnerable is slain it cannot be summoned again for 10 minutes.
First Person Shooter: Mars Marine
This avatar is different than most of the others. While the others require a 10 minute cooldown before allowed to come back, Mars Marine is a total badass, and even death can't stop him. He always respawns in 3 seconds anywhere within 100 meters of where he died, but after every death his respawn timer multiplies by 10 This can continue until Ava wants to stop.
Mars Marine cannot communicate non-verbally. He has no text or emote options.
99% accuracy:
Ava has spent years honing her FPS skills, learning spread patterns for guns, perfecting her aim, and predicting opponents moves. From unreal tournament modified to go at 1000x speed, to slow as snails counter strike, she can hit enemies with almost perfect accuracy (using a mouse and keyboard).
Sensitivity to the max:
Mars Marine has incredibly fast turning speed, able to spin his body on both the x and y axis (think FPS) at mach 5. He shares Ava's reaction times.
MM can lift 500 tons overhead and has mach 2 twitch speeds (combat speed). He can run at this speed or lower indefinitely, but no faster.
Mars Marine has the following durability:
Type No Sell Tank Stagger KO Other
Kinetic .6 GJ 3 GJ 4 GJ 5 GJ N/A
Thermal N/A N/A N/A N/A Immune up to 500 K, and is 10x more resistant to change than humans.
Force 1 MN 10 MN 25 MN 30 MN N/A
Pressure N/A N/A N/A N/A 35 GPa
Mars Marine carries a slew of powerful weapons including a chaingun (6000 rounds per second, each shot like a .50 BMG armor piercing incendiary bullet ~mach 2) , a rocket launcher (666 MJ explosion, heatseeking rockets that fly at mach 4, and the ability to fire up to 3 rocket bursts, as well as shoot the rockets as bouncing grenades), a double barrel shotgun (50 meter spread at the maximum distance, 1 GJ impact if you take the full blast,mach 5 projectile speed, takes half a second to reload), a lightning gun (1 GW laser beam) , and the limited use DOOMBLASTER (can only be fired once every time Mars Marine is summoned and takes five seconds to charge, but fires a giant green homing missile that travels at mach 10 and hits for 4.5 GJ).
MM can switch between these weapons as fast as he can think.
Wall Hacks:
Mars Marine can walk on walls and ceilings as though they were the ground.
Enhanced FOV:
Ava plays on a very high FOV setting, increasing her field of view to 300 degrees.
Action RPG: Mephistopheles' Mansion
KillerQueen95 is a female assassin from the high octane action RPG Mephistopheles' Mansion. She boasts fast attack speed, high piercing damage, amazing stealth abilities, and strong poisons, but has low durability and strength. She is able to communicate through text and pre-recorded voice lines, but not through Ava's headset.
Dexterity Build:
Through intense training and grinding, KillerQueen has enhanced speed. She has mach 8 twitch/combat speeds, peak human strength (300 lbs overhead), and peak human durability. She share's Ava's reaction times. She is also capable of climbing on any solid surface and is very dextrous. After thirty seconds of running, she accelerates at a mach a minute up to mach 15.
Assassin's Art:
KillerQueen's signature ability is the skill Backstab, which multiplies the piercing damage of all of her weapon's by 2 as long as she is striking someone in the back.
Diablo Daggers:
KillerQueen's legendary blades are nigh indestructible and attack with 70 GPa of piercing damage. KQ has three of these daggers and can summon them to her hand with a thought.
Poisoned Blades:
By spending 10 seconds poisoning her blades (during which she has to stand still and concentrate), Killer Queen can make her next attack, if it pierces, inflict her target with a damage over time affect equivalent to 1 Gigawatt (essentially like getting hit on the wound site for that amount of damage) for 1 minute. After the poison is used up on one of the daggers, it is gone, and if an attack does not pierce the poison is still used.
Cloak and Dagger:
KQ is capable of impressive feats of stealth aided by supernatural powers. She can go totally invisible, as well as mask her scent and sound entirely. She is still visible to thermal imaging, but cannot be seen to the naked eye and leaves no impression on the ground. This invisibility is broken by attacking and once 'combat' is entered she cannot re-enter invisibility until line of sight to her enemy has been broken for 1 minute. While invisible, she can only move at 1/4 her normal speed.
Ninja Leap:
KQ can jump once in mid-air, treating the air like it is a solid object. This power also enhances her jump, giving her close to a 50 meter maximum vertical leap.

Pro Gamer Supreme:

Ava was always a quick learner, and the white event magnified her natural talent, giving her an enhanced IQ and memory, as well as increasing the speed of her thinking. She is especially quick at picking up new games, grasping new mechanics, rules, and strategies almost instantaneously and implementing them into her play. Using this skill she is able to master different games incredibly quickly.
The white event repaired the damage dealt to Ava's eyes from years of staring at screens and improved them. Now she has perfect 20/20 vision that is 20x more acute than a normal human's. She can pick up on incredibly minute details, and has an enhanced field of view (200 degrees).
Ava has incredible reflexes, evidenced by her 700 microsecond reaction times. In addition, she is able to move her arms (shoulder and torso movement included), legs, and eyes at incredible twitch speeds (close to mach 5 with incredible strain, with appropriate speedster physiology). While this allows her to finish her homework at immense speeds, type absurdly fast, and pwn her opponents in all games she plays, it is all but useless in combat.
Due to her incredible speed, she can be essentially frame perfect in all modern games.
  • While she is versatile, her true strength lies in her ability to grow, and she will handily lose battles against others of her tier until she levels up her characters more.
  • If one found out her secret identity, it would be child's play to defeat her.
  • Often makes reckless decisions because there is no real danger for her.
  • Does not follow orders well.
Standard Gear:
A top level gaming laptop if she is travelling, as well as several handheld consoles. At home she has a state of the art gaming rig and every console in existence.
  • His weapons and armor.
  • 5 healing potions that can be used to cure deep cuts, broken bones, and mundane diseases/toxins upon being consumed.
Base of Operations:
Ava has her own apartment payed for by her parents in down town Seoul. She rarely leaves, instead having groceries delivered.
  • Thanks to her skill and natural talent, is one of the best gamers in the entire world. It isn't an exaggeration to say she almost cannot lose at games she has mastered, like Starcraft and WoW PVP, as well as games like counter strike.
  • Skilled at making snap tactical decisions.
  • Skilled in the art of trash talking.
  • Can stay awake for days at a time (though will crash afterwards).
  • Skilled at multitasking, can play multiple games at once while also watching videos and listening to music.
  • Is adorable...sort of.


  • Lifted a 5,000 ton boat out of water.
  • Pulled a 10,000 ton boat across land.
  • Knocked out a delta brick in a few punches.
  • Tanked several punches from a 2,000 tonner with his shield up.
  • Tanked multiple tomahawk missiles.
  • With his shield up, was only staggered by a 7,000 tonner punch.
Mars Marine:
  • Threw a jumbo jet at his opponent.
  • Knocked out a man with 4 MN force durability.
  • Ripped a steel beam in half lengthwise.
  • Spun around at mach 5 firing his chaingun looking super cool, then teabagged all the dead bad guys.
  • Killed a guy with a mach 5 uppercut.
  • Ran up a wall while spinning at mach five and getting 1,000 headshots without getting dizzy and without missing a shot.
  • Shot Lily out of the sky and tea bagged her before she could react, then ran off.
Killer Queen:
  • Jumped from the bottom of a 10 story building to the top in less than a second.
  • Ran across the Atlantic ocean in just around 20 minutes.
  • Sliced a delta brick with one poisoned dagger in the front, then with the other in the back before he could react.
  • Can slice a tank in half.
  • Stabbed a city tier 1,300 times in one second.
  • From the back, stabbed a delta with incredibly high piercing durability (120 gpa).
  • One of, if not the best FPS players in the entire world, even among metas.
  • Can level an MMO character with nearly perfect efficiency, finishing WoW (1-80) in one hour.
  • Picked up smash brothers melee without ever playing it, and after one loss defeated six pro players in quick succession to win a tournament.
  • Currently holds the first 4 world records for Diablo speedruns, both in Diablo 1 and 2.
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